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Jean-Philippe Dallaire
QMG 1916 - 1965 Canadian

oil on canvas
signed and on verso signed, titled, dated 1964, inscribed "Vence AM, France" and stamped with the Dominion Gallery stamp
21 x 19 pouces  53.3 x 48.3cm

Dominion Gallery, Montreal
Galerie Michel-Ange, Montreal
Private Collection, Montreal

Quebec artist Jean Dallaire was known for his modernist paintings that combined figuration and abstraction and showed influences from Symbolism, Cubism and Surrealism. His artistic career was diverse – he worked as a mural painter, draughtsman, illustrator at the National Film Board, teacher at the École des beaux-arts in Quebec City and tapestry designer. In 1959, Dallaire moved to the South of France, to Vence, an ancient hill town known for its beauty. The light was brilliant in Vence, and in response, Dallaire heightened his palette to great vivacity, ranging here from acid yellow and hot red to deep cobalt and green. During this period, the figure was central to Dallaire’s imagery, and the realm of the imagination dominated. He depicted magicians, Martians and unusual small people – in a joyful, carnivalesque atmosphere. Masque has a dreamlike feeling and, typical of the artist’s works from this period, the flattened planes of the figure are shown against a simplified colour-field background. Dallaire has abstracted and flattened the head of his figure into a mask, and its direct yet enigmatic gaze makes this a penetrating and intriguing image.

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