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Jean Paul Riopelle

Jean Paul Riopelle

Jean Paul Riopelle
Art d'Après-Guerre et Contemporain Vente en salle

Lot # 015

Jean Paul Riopelle
AUTO CAS OC QMG RCA SCA 1923 - 2002 Canadian

ink and watercolour on paper
signed and dated 1948 and on verso titled on the gallery label
10 x 13 3/4 pouces  25.4 x 34.9cm

Galerie Jolliet, Quebec City
Private Collection, Quebec City

Executed in 1948, this watercolour is emblematic of Jean Paul Riopelle’s exhilarating late 1940s and early 1950s period. The Refus global manifesto was published in August of the same year, and this document was the driving force behind the Automatist movement. It is now also regarded as a milestone in the modernization of Quebec, for exposing the province to the cosmopolitan ideas of the post-war era. During this period, Riopelle created highly rhythmic and effervescent works, and this piece is no exception. Composition is a scintillating effusion of abstract form and colour. The surface of the work is covered with an elegant palette of soft yellow, cherry, orange, sienna and emerald. A complex web-like network of sharp, calligraphic black lines is arranged atop this colourful background, resulting in an organic and dynamic whole. The pictorial surface of the work is remarkably expressive and invites our eye to dance across it. The artist’s energy is palpable through his profusion of brush-strokes, tangled colours and lines. Composition is a testament to a thrilling period in Riopelle’s prolific career.

This work is included as an addendum in Yseult Riopelle’s online catalogue raisonné on the artist’s work at http://www.riopelle.ca.

Estimation: 20,000 $ ~ 30,000 $ CAN

S'est vendu pour: 18,750.00 $ CAN (prime d'achat incluse)

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