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Marc-Aurèle Fortin

Marc-Aurèle Fortin

Marc-Aurèle Fortin
Art Canadien, Impressionniste et Moderne Vente en salle

Lot # 153

Marc-Aurèle Fortin
ARCA 1888 - 1970 Canadian

Paysage à Venise, Canal
oil on board circa 1936
signed and on verso signed, titled and inscribed "18 Musée" and "-550 90-"
31 3/8 x 23 3/8 pouces  79.7 x 59.4cm

Private Collection, Montreal

Jacques de Roussan, M.A. Fortin, 1982, reproduced page 31
René Buisson, Marc-Aurèle Fortin: un maître inconnu, Musée Marc-Aurèle Fortin, 1995, reproduced page 220

Musée Marc-Aurèle Fortin, Montreal, January 23 - May 19, 1985, catalogue #P.186

In 1933, an inheritance from his father enabled Marc-Aurèle Fortin to fulfill his dream of a voyage to Europe. He departed in December of that year, and for five months he traveled throughout France and into northern Italy. He returned to Montreal full of enthusiasm from this experience, but firmly resolved to follow his own path rather than European modernist movements. This striking scene of a canal winding through Venice’s distinctive buildings showcases Fortin’s characteristic dazzling colour and vigorous brushwork, and it is an outstanding example of his adept techniques in constructing his paintings. After applying a background of black paint, Fortin sketched in the elements of his image with fluid strokes of bright pigment. Light is created by white tones in the canal and on the houses, contrasted with a dark sky of cobalt lightening to turquoise. The illusion of the boats floating on the water and the sensation of the canal’s gentle eddies are both expertly handled. Paysage à Venise, Canal is a work of vibrant sensuality, resonant with the atmosphere of this historic city.

We thank Sarah Mainguy for her assistance in researching this work.

This work will be included in the forthcoming catalogue raisonné on the artist’s work, #H-0622.

Estimation: 30,000 $ ~ 50,000 $ CAN

S'est vendu pour: 67,250.00 $ CAN (prime d'achat incluse)

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