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Cornelius David Krieghoff

Cornelius David Krieghoff

Cornelius David Krieghoff
Art Canadien, Impressionniste et Moderne Vente en salle

Lot # 151

Cornelius David Krieghoff
1815 - 1872 Canadian

Indian Family Camping in Winter
oil on canvas circa 1855
signed and on verso titled on the Roberts Gallery label
12 x 18 pouces  30.5 x 45.7cm

Dr. Charles Sheard, Toronto
Dr. Duncan Boucher, Kingston
By descent to W.J.D. Boucher, Toronto
Roberts Gallery, Toronto
Private Collection, Ontario

Cornelius Krieghoff’s paintings with First Nations subject matter started to appear around 1846, and a few years later, this imagery had become an important part of his work. Ultimately, about one-third of his oeuvre consisted of native subjects. While living in Montreal and Longueuil from 1846 to 1853, Krieghoff often depicted Mohawk and Iroquois peoples from the Kahnawake (Caughnawaga) reserve. When he moved to Quebec City in 1853, he saw Mi’kmaq and Montagnais (Innu) peoples camped at Indian Cove on the Levis River and Huron First Peoples at the village of Lorette. In Montreal, Krieghoff often depicted single figures such as hunters and moccasin sellers, but upon moving to Quebec City, his scenes became more complex, and he idealized First Nations people as living freely and nobly in harmony with nature. Krieghoff composed tableau-like family groups of First Nations peoples in landscape settings, such as this fascinating painting. Krieghoff’s keen attention to detail shows in his accurate depiction of the group’s clothing, snowshoes, sled and hide tent, with a child peeking out. The landscape setting is sublime, with the distant lake and glowing sunset imbuing the rustic encampment with an air of romanticism.

Estimation: 40,000 $ ~ 60,000 $ CAN

S'est vendu pour: 43,250.00 $ CAN (prime d'achat incluse)

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