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LOT 012

Ivan Kenneth Eyre
1935 -

Field Steps
acrylic on canvas
signed and on verso signed, titled, dated 2011 on the gallery label and inscribed "copyright reserved" and "acrylic no varnish"
35 x 23 1/4 po 88.9 x 59.1 cm

Estimation : $20,000 - $30,000

Vendu pour : $43,250

Exposition à : Heffel Toronto – 13 avenue Hazelton

Loch Gallery Inc., Winnipeg
Private Collection, Vancouver

Ivan Eyre, Ivan on Eyre: The Paintings, Pavilion Gallery, 2004, pages 186, 188 and 404

“Furrows in a field…colourful crop rows that run so straight, fields of wheat or flax or sunflowers – such agricultural perspectives often have considerable visual appeal for me.”

—Ivan Eyre

In Field Steps, Ivan Eyre uses the rectangles of the fields as a geometric motif, which marches across the flattened plain. Eyre has stated that he paints “non-objectively…in the guise of a landscape,” and this painting particularly reflects this point of view. However, Eyre still reacts to his experienced landscapes in a visceral way. He explained, “When I pass by a series of fields on a bicycle, the point at which a field’s border seems to stand up vertically is the point at which I feel the urge to stop. It may be that that’s a way of extending my own vertical presence into the fields. At any rate, it’s a point at which the fields seem to speak directly to me.” Field Steps is a striking image, particularly in Eyre’s carefully chosen colour palette. Its dazzling blues, which range from pale and glowing to a deep blue-violet, appear richer in contrast to the velvety black and pale wheaten tones.

Estimation : $20,000 - $30,000

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