LOT 004

1926 -

West Coast 2/88: Eucott Bay
acrylique sur toile
signé et au verso signé, titré, daté et inscrit
26 x 72 po, 66 x 182.9 cm

Estimation : 70 000 $ - 90 000 $ CAD

Vendu pour : 169 250 $

Exposition à :

Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto
Private Collection, Florida

Becky Rynor, “An Interview with Takao Tanabe,” National Gallery of Canada Magazine, July 21, 2014, https://www.gallery.ca/magazine/artists/an-interview-with-takao-tanabe

Takao Tanabe grew up in the small fishing village of Seal Cove, now part of Prince Rupert, on British Columbia’s northern coast, the son of a commercial fisherman. His journey took him to the Winnipeg School of Art, the Central School of Arts and Crafts in London and the Brooklyn Museum Art School. In 1980, he returned to BC, to the east coast of Vancouver Island, and began to paint coastal scenes renowned for their atmospheric effects, wrapped in mists and cloud.

Tanabe calls himself a minimalist in style; he simplifies his landscapes and depicts nature without human presence. He has stated: “I want the paint to be put on there as though it just arrives without visible brush marks…I put on up to eight or nine layers of paint. But I try to avoid brush marks, so that it looks as though the paint has just floated on.”

This stunning panorama is of Eucott Bay, 40 kilometres northwest of Bella Coola. Its shimmering effects of light on water, in still reflection or rippling with tides, are extraordinarily sensitive. West Coast 2/88: Eucott Bay is an outstanding example of both Tanabe’s accomplished technique and his intuitive ability to capture the transcendent essence of the West Coast.

Estimation : 70 000 $ - 90 000 $ CAD

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