LOT 031

1926 - 1998

huile sur toile
signé et daté et au verso titré, numéroté et étampé
60 x 49 1/2 po, 152.4 x 125.7 cm

Estimation : 25 000 $ - 35 000 $ CAD

Vendu pour : 67 250 $

Exposition à : Heffel Toronto – 13 avenue Hazelton

Kootz Gallery, New York
Private Collection, New York

Stuart Preston, review of Kootz Gallery show, New York Times, September 16, 1961, page 9
William Ronald, interview by John Porter, April 13, 1984

Kootz Gallery, New York, William Ronald: 18 New Paintings, September 12 - 30, 1961

In September 1961, a New York Times reviewer wrote: “William Ronald shows non-objective paintings that manage to look like decoupages. The irregular strips of color that entwine in restless patterns, writhing upward like flames, resemble accidents of tearing strips of colored paper.” Boudoir was one of the 18 paintings, each with its own unique central image and daring palette, on view in the 1961 solo exhibition at the Kootz Gallery, the fifth of seven successful Ronald shows held there.

When Ronald unexpectedly told an interviewer in 1984 that he considered himself to be one of the last people in his generation to be influenced by the Surrealists, he was likely referring to the influential “accidental” compositions made by the great twentieth-century European artists such as Hans Arp, Paul Klee and Max Ernst. Boudoir is indeed a painting that at first glance may fit the New York reviewer’s description, but it was much more complex in its execution. Typical of his now rare paintings from the early 1960s, the composition is far from random. Constructed with multiple layers of pigments applied with bold, instinctive brush-strokes, it invites the viewer to explore the subtle hints as to what lies below the surface.

Estimation : 25 000 $ - 35 000 $ CAD

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