Rosalin Te Omra

After entering the creative writing department at the University of British Columbia, a trip to Europe exploring art museums inspired Rosalin Te Omra to complete her BA in Art History, specializing in Canadian art. Her career in private galleries began in 1974 with the Diane Stimpson Gallery, followed by Contemporary Royale and Galerie Royale. She joined Kenneth G. Heffel Fine Art when Heffel was founded in 1978, and developed a depth of expertise with Canadian artists such as Walter J. Phillips and Alex Colville.

Rosalin was also involved with the Contemporary Art Society of Vancouver and was its President from 1992 to 1994. From 1993 to 1999, she was the curator for Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Theatre Gallery.

The dynamic growth of Heffel has brought a focus on research and writing to showcase the fine works brought to auction. Rosalin is the Director of Fine Canadian Art Research, researching, editing and writing essays for the printed catalogues and working with accomplished guest writers who are academics and experts in their fields. She brings over 35 years in the art business to the Heffel team.